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Practical information for speakers

Presentation format

  • MS PowerPoint files,
  • landscape format,
  • 16:9 aspect ratio presentations,
  • embedded fonts,
  • embedded video for Powerpoint 2013/365,
  • video files as either Quicktime friendly mp4 H.264 codec or WMV for earlier Powerpoint versions,
  • files must come in a folder also containing said video files with correct linking to presentation,
  • all text content should be inside title-safe guides (approx. 20 pixels inside slide edge).

 In case of using the stand alone video files the following format is required:

  • MP4, AVI or MKV container of H.264 or XVid codec,
  • landscape format,
  • 16:9 aspect ratio with advised minimum resolution of 1280 x 720,
  • suggested bandwidth between 3Mb/sec – 7Mb/sec,
  • files should include a start and end one second silent black slug,
  • all text content should be inside title-safe guides (approx. 20 pixels inside image edge).


Please note that you may only show a company logo (of any sponsoring company) on one slide during the presentation.

Speakers’ preview room

This room is located on the 3rd floor and is offered to all speakers as a place to prepare their presentations. More information about the speakers’ preview will be available at the registration desk.

Presentation upload

All presentations will be uploaded to the conference laptop on the day of the conference. There will be a technical support present in the meeting room who will help you to upload your presentation. Please make sure you upload your presentations during the coffee or lunch break, at the latest 2 hours prior to the session. Presentations taking place in the morning sessions can be uploaded on the day before. It is not allowed to use the personal laptops for presentations, please bring your presentation on a memory stick. At the end of the conference, all presentations will be deleted so no copyright issues will arise.

COI slides

All presentations must include a COI slide as the 1st or 2nd slide. This is mandatory, even if you have nothing to declare. You will not be permitted to present if this disclosure is not made.

Please download the template for the disclosure here. The template includes three different slides which should be used in the respective situations speaker has no COI / speaker has a single COI / speaker has multiple COI with regard to the matter of the presentation.