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About TYKS

The Hospital District of Southwest Finland is a public joint municipal authority that produces specialised health care services in its hospitals. The operations and service divisions include nearly all medical specialities and related laboratory services. The hospitals of the district are also used for education, internship and scientific research.

The hospital district offers extensive specialised health care services to the residents of the region. Additionally, the district is responsible for the availability of university hospital level services in the hospital districts of Satakunta and Vaasa, which are part of the Tyks expert responsibility area.

The district consists of 28 member municipalities with a total of over 470 000 residents. The district is a public organisation, which means that patients only pay a small part of their service fees. The majority of the costs is covered by the tax revenue paid by the patients' home municipalities and collected from their residents.

The hospitals and other units of the hospital district receive patients from health centres, occupational health services, private practitioners, and patients referred by the government or insurance companies. More than 200 000 people use the services of the hospital district a year.