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About FWCS

The Finnish Wound Care Society (FWCS) was established in 1995. The mission of the Finnish Wound Care Society is 1) to promote multidisciplinary cooperation between professionals who are responsible for prevention and multiprofessional treatment of wound patients, 2) to promote training, education, development and research in wound care, 3) to cooperate with international wound care organizations and 4) to collaborate with companies working in the field of wound care.


To achieve these goals, the FWCS organizes yearly a national two-day multidisciplinary wound care conference, which collects some 550-650 participants. The FWCS arranges yearly also two or three one-day national educational events in different parts of Finland. The subcommittee of the FWCS reviews the applications for formal competence of authorized wound care nurses and grants the authorization. The FWCS provides educational and research grants. The FWCS publishes four issues of the Wound Journal (Haava-lehti) annually. The journal is also published on-line. The FWCS website has material related to wound care and promotes national and international wound care conferences. The FWCS is the umbrella organization for the arrangement of the Stop Pressure Ulcer Day in Finland. The Finnish Wound Care Society has about 2700 registered members making it the largest Wound Care Society in Europe per capita.